1, An ancestry dna test kit, has it’s important place and uses, but does not do everything

As we hope you have started to see here. The best ancestry dna test kit is very accurate and gives lots of answers about a person’s ancient ancestry and heritage.

However for more personal things such as family trees, it currently only does so much.  It is limited by the number of other people on the database.  Also, although it will say that you are related to a person, it will now know their family stories, pictures and so on.

It can be very easy for people to think that DNA testing does everything and that is over selling by some DNA firms.  There are good and bad ones like everything else, which is why we have our reviews of the best dna testing kits.

Even when it comes to health, genetics can predict if someone is more likely to get something, but often not with certainty.  When Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed because her genes said she was likely to get cancer, statistics showed that she was still only about 80% likely and not 100%.

So it is the old adage, it is not just what you have, but what you do with it.  Lifestyle things such as smoking, drinking, stress, emotional well being and so on are all factors.   Although of course another factor might be that a person’s genes, may influence how likely they are to do those things.

In the end though, a person’s lifestyle choices are a big thing.

So even when it comes to crime scenes, genetics can give a lot of information, but it is far from everything.

When genetic testing became available to they public, people wanted to think that it was the answer to everything.  Sales and marketing people also helped push this, as did some film and tv shows. However it soon became clear that genes tell us more about life, but there is also so much more about life than just genes.

Genetic genealogists who know these limitations are the best ones, because they know how much more needs to be done.


2, It is fun, but can get serious

Family is important to people and interesting.  When seeing how people react, you see how important this is to people.

Genealogy unearths fantastic stories and things that are relevant and important to people A great genealogist can massively entertain people with the stories about their family, which is why there is a chapter here just for this.

Television has also found out this with shows like ‘Who Do You Think You are.  It was originally a BBC production in England, that has been remade in 10 countries, so it has celebrities and locations that people in those countries will know and relate to.

This is real stuff and so using an ancestry dna test kit, can be like a loaded gun.

Not their real parents

Barry Gibbs and Arnold Schwarzenegger had affairs with their household staff and children as a result.    There are many stories of love children (those from the result of an affair).  Those children have been kept secret but often do not want to be a secret.  This can all be revealed by DNA testing showing a genetic match.

The truth is good, but the situation may have wider implications that cause bigger problems that need to be considered.  How a family can fall apart, family estate inheritances, guilt for things done in the past and so on.

Even tests which show ancient ancestry and ethnicity can show such things.   People have done the test knowing that their parents are both arabic, but a clear 50% of their test results shows that they are from European descent.  It then becomes clear that one of their parents was not their biological one.  However at their age, both their parents have passed away so it is harder to get answers.  DNA matching can then find real relatives but this is opening up a whole big area.

The biggest fear is that if a parent finds out the child is not theirs and the real parents are not found, the child is abandoned.

Breaks in the family ancestral chain

Most families are proud of their lineage, families believe their name has gone back through many generations.   The documentation is often perfect.

However DNA testing can show adoption, infidelity in previous generations.  This is often found through a break in the YDNA.  This can change or shatter the view of their perfect genetic lines.

This may also have implications for passed down family estates.  Is this part of the family really entitled to their share of the family farm.  Things may often seem nice, but when assets and money come in, it is amazing how one family member, or another may get nasty.

We have seen where young children loose their parents and one distant cousin lays claim to their house.  The nasty cousin just takes advantage of the orphaned children’s vulnerability and innocence.

It is real life

So it is fun, but also real life.  With great power comes great responsibility.  You may find there are some secrets that should be kept secret.  Just like any person with great power such as a doctor or lawyer, the ability to be able to keep a secret is important.

Even if a genetic genealogist tells one person, they find that one person tells just one other person.  So if a secret does need to be kept, it needs to be kept.

With great power, comes great responsibility.


3, Women can get the same results as men from an ancestry dna test kit

With a YDNA test, a man can see the YDNA of their father, their father’s father and so on.

With a MtDNA test, a man can see the MtDNA of their mother, mother’s mother and so on.

However women can only use MtDNA to see their mother’s genes, they do not have the YDNA to see their father, as they do not inherit the Y gene.

However if their grandparents had other male children, they can get them to do a test and get the same results.  So a brother, uncle on father’s side and so on can do a test for the women.  The results will be the same as YDNA changes so little over time, which is why it can be traced back to the first human 50 to 60 000 years ago.

This may seem obvious to anyone reading this book, but is the reason an advisor is useful, because by asking the questions on the men available, it is easier to find someone that will be suitable.

However this is just 1 of 4 tests, all the others are available to women, give enough information for great results and give the same amount of useful data.


4, They have chosen the wrong test for them

It is also important they choose the one that does what they want.  There are so many services that are focused on slightly different things, each with their strengths and things they do not do.

1, Some just say your ethnicity and countries come from, but do not match people up to their relatives.  However their data is more precise than those that do match people up to their relatives.

2, Some do the above and match you up to your relatives.

3, Some will say your ethnicity and countries you come from, but not so precisely.  However they are linked the family tree side of their business and so are better for building family trees.

Also just like in any industry, there are some really bad ones out there.  They promise more than they can deliver.  Through the bad experiences people have with them, they ruin the reputation of the industry and DNA testing kiots in general.

One sounds like the company Ancestry but is not.  Basically from a trademark point of view, as ancestry is a word people use in geneology, it is hard to stop others from using it.

This is where guides to the different ethnicity, heritage and geneology dna testing kits come in handy.


5, Once they link their genetic data to the family tree part of a site, it is all done

Even doing geneology the traditional way from the records on the site, can be a lot of work.  Sometimes the family tree is complete in many areas, as someone else in the family has done part of your tree that is also relevant to them.

For other areas you will need to search the records to see what is relevant to your family tree in order to build it on the site.

However it is great fun with a real sense of achievement and amazing to see all the records, pictures and stories.

For a small percentage of others, they can then see why there are professional geneologists out there that they can hire to do this work.


6, That DNA does not just give general information, it can give very specific and powerful information

Sadly a lot of people write about using an ethnicity, heritage and ancestry dna test kit, when they have a little knowledge, but not the whole thing.  That is why there is the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous things’.  As people can be right on their small amount of knowledge, which makes them sound credible.  However when it comes to the bigger picture they are wrong.

They say that YDNA  only looks at father, fathers father and so on.  Once you go back 10 generations, there are 1024 people in that generation.  YDNA will reveal just one person in the 10th generation, the same with MtDNA on the mother’s side.

They say that is very limited as that is hardly any of the family.

However what they do not realise as they lack experience  is:

a, As well as YDNA, MtDNA and XDNA testing, there is Auto Somal.  Auto Somal looks at all the 23 chromones strands inherited from parents and so is more thorough for matches.   It can come back with all the people that did the test and it only starts to get less results after 5-10 generations.  This is from that far back, where you have gotten smaller and smaller percentage of DNA from each person.

As some tests are not for this purpose and are just for looking at ethnicity and country came from, so just do YDNA, MtDNA and XDNA.   Some people have only seen these other tests and think that genetic testing cannot do matching of a whole family.

b, They do not realise how much hard work the time it takes to do a family tree the normal ways from records on family tree website.  Especially once It goes back further into the past.

Going through documents of many people with the same name, trying to work out which is the right person.  Working out what information is mistakes, lies, missing documents and so on.

So if they are talking about YDNA or MtDNA to go back 10 or more generations to make a match.  That is something that is very hard and a lot of work to do from records.

c, It only shows up the small number of people that have also done a test.  However this can be enough to lead you to a whole strand of a family tree.