GEDMatch ethnicity dna test analysis

What is GedMatch

It is designed for amateur and professional genealogists.   It is for people that really want to research and get into DNA.  It is definitely not a quick, easy to use and fun tool which is sold as mass entertainment like some ethnicity dna test kits are.

Gedmatch analyses the DNA to find out about your ethnicity.  It will also match you up with other people on it’s database.  This is to help people  find missing relatives.

It also sprung to fame in America, where police used it to find the ‘Golden Gate Killer’.  It has almost 1 million dna profiles on, so is probably the 3rd of 4th largest consumer dna database in the world.

The tool does not do the dna test itself.  You will need results from, 23andMe, or FTDNA to import into it.  As when you used those kits, they will have already done some analysis for you, GedMatch is just to see if their tests can add information or accuracy to those other results.

It is free, almost

GEDMatch is awesome.  It is free to use and has good materials on.

There are things that need a $10 payment to use it for a month.  You can also choose a $10 monthly subscription to use it for as long as you keep your subscription going.  Unlike many commercial enterprises, this is just used for running the project.

The free tools are perfectly good.  The paid stuff is just if you want to do even more kinds of tests and get the latest versions.  It is not something where the free appears to be all you need and then you find you have to pay to get what you really wanted.


Not so easy to use

However it is created by academics and scientists who want to get the best results.

It has no interest in appealing to the masses, or non scientific community.  There are no pictures, pretty colors and sales materials.

As a result, there are not really any materials that you can see without registering and it does not sell itself.

Once you login you see the tools, but it takes time to really understand and learn.  It is for people who know about the details of ethnicity dna, or want to take the time to do so.

This is not so much about having fun, but about sincere research.

It is also a site that you can upload your dna and it helps with analysis.  So you will need to have used an ethnicity dna test kit from elsewhere to get the data to upload into it.


What GEDMatch can do

It can do a lot.  Most of the things that the paid companies offer.

For example, you can upload your data into it’s One to One tool and it will tell you if they can match you with anyone else in their database.

It has a tool that can predict eye color, although even if say itself that it is not perfect.

Each tool has been developed separately, so each tool will prefer the test results from difference ethnicity dna test kits.  As a result it is probably a good idea to see what you would like to do on this site, before choosing which test kit to use.

Also they have many tools that do the same thing, but have been developed by different people and groups.   It is interesting how each test on GEDmatch will give slightly different results.

Ethnicity dna testing is still work in progress and no one has it all done perfectly.  Using different private companies will each give slightly different results, in the same way the free projects on GEDmatch also do.

All these are free, no need to use their  paid for version.


If you are wanting to do lots of different tests, to get the most accurate results, free works out even cheaper

To get the most accurate results when using a any ethnicity dna test kit analysis, it is best to do tests with as many different kits as possible.  Then look at the average of the results.

No analysis database has all the information perfectly, it is all to some approximation.

So to get even more accurate results, it is best to get your dna analysed by lots of different organisations and work out the average.

To do this with private companies would be even more expensive.

However with GEDmatch this is all free.  Most of the different tools from each person or organisation on there are free.  There is no great need to use the paid ones.

So if you are going to do this, it works out even cheaper.