How to communicate and show off your Ancestry DNA Test kit results

Once you have used the best ancestry dna test kit, such as in our reviews.  It is great fun to show off and talk to people about your ethnicity, heritage and ancestry DNA test kit results.

Done correctly people will be fascinated to read and hear about

Done badly people will be so bored.

This guide has two parts, how to talk about your ancestry dna test kit results and how to write about them.  It all comes from expert advice and trying out different methods, to find the ones that work best.


Talking about it:

Talk about what is relevant to them


Family tree results

It is easier if the person you are talking to is a cousin, that is related to the ancestor by blood, so it will be about their own ancestry.

It is harder when the person you are talking to is not related to them in any way and this is where this article is of even more use.

If you are speaking to a women who is a mother and loves children, then talk about your ancestors were mothers and what happened with her children.

If you are speaking to someone who loves sports, see if you have any ancestors with relevance to sport and so on.


Make it relevant to the person you are taking to


People like things that are like themselves and what they are interested in.

Most people are bored by technical stuff and do not want to have to do detailed thinking.  To them this is work.  They like to know it is there, but not to have to work on it.

If you are speaking to such a person, then avoid any technical terms or information about how you got the results.

It is very interesting to just talk about what you are interested in and want to talk about, but this means you loose focus on the other person.


Learn how to tell a story.


They will love a story, the problems that happened to people and what happened in the end.

Start by telling them about a problem that happened, something they can relate to and will not know what happens next.

It is like a television show!

Set out the characters and the problem, if it sounds great enough they will want to know what happens next.

People like surprises, things they did not see coming.

Even the best story can be made boring of not said in an animated way, with energy and enthusiasm.

Even a quote boring story can be fun, if said in a fun way.

That is why people like actors, they like to be entertained.

One of the secrets is feeling and emotions, drama, tension, love, fear, happiness, sadness. If you can learn to feel these things while talking, then they will get a full experience of what is going on.

This is the secret of the great historians and the ones that are on television.  Genealogists are historians and when most people think of their history classes, they loved the stories. They just got bored when they had to remember dates.

It’s easy to get technical about the details of what happened, but often that just takes away from the magic of the story and bores people.

A great example is the television series ‘Who Do you think you are’ that was shown with versions in many countries.  The bits of each show that people remember is where there was something with an ancestor where something was extraordinary.  Such as a person made a fortune, lost a fortune and how they did it.  Maybe someone committed a crime and the story of what they did and what happened to them.

The best part also is when the celebrity discovers this and the emotion from when they first find out.

It is the drama that people like!


Ancestry, heritage and ethnicity

The reason that the ancestry dna test kit has done so well, is that people find things out that they did not expect. A person who lives in the south of America, who though they came from Irish ancestry, find out they are 25% Scandinavian. Maybe now some things about their physical appearance and psychological traits finally make sense.

Things that were ‘hidden in plain site’ can now be seen.

So when talking about the results, etry transporting people into a new world, so it is not like them experiencing something they have seen and knew about before.


Do it for them, a shared experience

It is not about you playing with your toys and letting other people watch. It is about doing it for them, letting them share things.

So be careful not to talk about these things to show you are better than the other person because you know about these things.  If you have the portal to the site you are getting the information in, show them around and let them play with it.


How to present the information to people with words and pictures

If you are using the best ethnicity, heritage and ancestry dna test kit services, the results will come with great presentation materials.

They want to make the results fun will give you the information on graphical form, in a way that is fund and easy to read. I recommend using these as they have tried them so much.

There are many very academic dna testing ancestry information services that you have never heard of. It is not just because they have no money to advertise, it is also because they just have long, complicated text.  Also with no great pictures, or things that make them fun. People are bored before they have even started.

The format that seems to work best is like when you see a magazine in a shelf in a newsagent, or a billboard on public transport.

A small amount of large text which says what the page is about, 8-12 words, or less if possible.

A large picture, this is beautiful to look at and so simple it takes no time to work out. The picture has done as much as possible to make it fun, interesting and nice to look at.  For example different colours, fonts and sizes of things.

Also the picture should only be about one thing, so that it is simple and clear.  For example just one picture showing your ancestry breakdown by countries and then a different one showing your ethnicity.

People may like to read on and then below the image is more detailed text.  Again though it is made easy to read.  No complicated words, short sentences and paragraphs.  Each sentence just expresses one things so it is simple.

Each section is no more than 100 words and above each one is a title.  Most people will read it by just reading the titles above each amount of text and it should be made that most of the information can be known from just doing that.

People will scan down for a title that interests them and only read further if there is one that does.

Many will just read the titles.

We have seen people that have written long boring books that no one reads.

We have seen others that give away images done like this, where people can easily the text that may interest them to read and skip the bits that do not.  These one actually get read and are loved.

Pictures normally always beat text.

Of course all this is just the average person, some people will love long, complicated, technical stuff. However that is normally just the person that created it.


People love to know where their own genes came from and have others inherit theirs

Photographers who take quality family photos, the kind where the subjects have a session that takes a whole morning and the photographer takes hundreds to try and get that one perfect one.  They often find the main top of interest between the relatives is how facial and other body characteristics shows a person’s genes.

People like others to inherit their genes and know where people got theirs from. Where their height, body shape and so on came from.  We are hoping that the further the ancestry dna test kit evolves, the more it will be able to even talk about these specific gene details.

People love to see their genes in others and where they came from.

Most striking is if people see a picture of an ancestor and are told about a characteristic of that persons which is the same is them.  It could be anything from shape of a mouth, eye, or anything that is unique.  It does not have to be big, it just has to be unique.   This is what people remember.

With stories you can also use this for life stories.  For example your ancestor used to save lots of money, spent too much money and bankrupted himself.  Your ancestor also had weak knees, or was good at sports.


Let other people talk

People look forward to talking and have other people give them attention.

You may find that you are looking forward to showing off your ancestry dna test kit results to others and talking.  Listening to other people, not so much.

People with great social skills know that people just want to talk and they just listen to the other person talking.   The other person loves talking and having the other person give them attention.

People with great social skills also know it is just about finding what other people want to talk about and then just giving the other person attention while they talk about it.

It is very easy when showing your result to other people, to just talk and not give the other person attention.

Showing your ancestry dna test kit results correctly, you will find that it gives the other person a way to talk about themselves and the other person will love you for it.



Doing the above means that people will love what you have done and be very thankful that you have done it.

Basically make it entertaining and don’t make them have to work for the information.