The 5 best, ancestry DNA testing kits

The 5 best, ancestry DNA testing kits

These are reviews of the 5 DNA testing kits, that really work for finding your ancestry.

There are almost 40 companies offering DNA testing kits. We found which are best, by testing and researching them all. Also by surveying and interviewing other people that have used them.

We also have specialist reviews, for if you are just interested in the best ethnicity dna testing, parts of the test.

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Best value all rounder, $59.
96 million users, large database of global customers to be linked with.
2.9 billion people in it's family trees.


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Detailed geneological testing
A detailed test to see where your ancestors came from.
Your ethnic mix and the routes they took through history. $79


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The largest family tree DNA database
It has 5 million people's dna, so can connect with the most people through DNA. $69


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Most precise routes your ancient ancestors took

This has the most precise information on location and travel routes. Best results for African and Asian heritage. $149.


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As well as ancestry, gives health advice based on your genetics

Using your genes, it gives health advice and recommendations. Such as the diets, exercises and lifestyle that are best for your needs. $63


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Best value all rounder, just $59

It has 96 million users, large database of global customers to be linked with and 2.9 billion people in it's family trees.


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Detailed geneological testing

A detailed test to see where your ancestors came from, your ethnic mix and the routes they took through history. $79


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The largest family tree DNA database

It has 5 million people's dna, so can connect with the most people through DNA. $69


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Most precise routes your ancient ancestors took

This has the most precise information on location and travel routes. Best results for African and Asian heritage. $149.


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As well as ancestry, gives health advice based on your genetics

Using your genes, it gives health advice and recommendations. Such as the diets, exercises and lifestyle that are best for your needs. $63


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Which is the best for me?


Giving as a present

Finding out ethnicity and where from

Finding missing relatives

Building your family tree


Best for giving as a present

Pretty packaging and best overall:

My Heritage and Ancestry have the nicest boxes and looks prettiest when opened. They are also general services that check all the main boxes.

Personally we prefer MyHeritage as it is a bit cheaper. Ancestry does have a more well known brand though, if you regards that as important. So for us it is only those two factors that seperate them.

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For science geeks:

If the person does not want to trace their family tree and wants to know their ethnicity and details about their ancestry genes, Living DNA is our first choice.

Home DNA is our second choice. It gives more precuse results also does XDNA as well, but is twice the price as a result.

These are the most precise for these things. However, although the results look great, the DNA kits are more clinical than pretty and fun.

For fitness and health enthusiasts:

As well as basic ancestry, Vitagene gives health and fitness advice based on your genes and lifestyle. It gives them loads of information that people who love that stuff will like.


Finding out ethnicity and heritage

Living DNA is our first choice, because it is the only one that for $79 dollars includes YDNA and MtDNA

These go through your father and mother’s genetic markers, going back 50 to 60 000 years. It means it can show how your ancestors moved throughout history, not just what your genes are now.

Living DNA Ancestry ethnicity

Our second choice is HomeDNA as it is even more accurate, it can focus even more closely on areas. It also does XDNA testing as well which helps this. However it is more expensive at $149.

Please note that these are for finding out your ethnicity and genetic heritage, not for building your family tree. LivingDNA though will say if you match anyone else in their genetic database of over 1 million people

To help find relatives and a family tree, both will give you your data to upload into other family tree and dna services.


Finding missing relatives

We recommend:

If the person you are looking for is outside the United States, then MyHeritage is our first choice.

If the person is inside the United States, then Ancestry is our first choice.

Living DNA is our third choice.

Reasons for our recommendations:

MyHeritage has 2.6 million people on their DNA datbase and is the most international. Ancestry has over 5 million, many are outside America, but it is more in the United States.

Living DNA has just over 1 million people.

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We found people have get very good results and often found their missing relative they are looking for. This is mainly because, if a person is a lost relative, at some point in their life they normally want to find their family members. As DNA databases are becoming so commonplace, this is often the first place they go.If you do not find the exact person you are looking for, you may find a relative of theirs is a DNA match. Then you can use a family tree builder, to find the person you are looking for. MyHeritage or Ancestry link their DNA databases to their family tree bulider websites.If you do not get a result, you might get one later on when the other person joins. One person has to be the first to join


Building your family tree

Both My Heritage and Ancestry are really good:

They are shockingly good, probably as they have massive resources behind them and have been around for so long. We are constatnly amazed with the family records and archives they have.

If we had to choose, it would have to be MyHeritage as it is a bit cheaper, but it is a very close call.

Ancestry has an extra charge for records outside the United States, so if you will need them it is another 20% more expensive than MyHeritage.

These are the only two DNA testing services that are linked to family tree information sites. However you can upload your DNA data from other services into both of them.

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MyHeritage review

MyHeritage review

This is our favourite DNA testing kit. They are the fastest at getting the results back, very easy to use and their web experience is the most fun.

We also find their customer support to be very good.

They match you down to 42 ethnicities, have the most international DNA database for matching people to their family tree and historical records platform.

We found the Chromosone browser in their website can be used by anyone and is also useful for experienced geneologists.

Ultimately, it is also the most popular as it has the lowest price

They started in 2003 with their geneology website for people to trace their family trees. Then added a DNA service when the technoology progressed to being accessible enough for consumers. They use one of the best labs and are the fastest growing of all the DNA testing services

We found it good for:

  Getting the results back fastest, 3-4 weeks

  Collect your DNA with their very easy and simple cheek swab

  Web platform in 42 languages, their email and phone support is in 18 languages

  Links perfectly with their platform for finding relatives and family trees

  Really good web app

  Best international DNA database and family trees records

  Top grade privacy and security

  They also use an excellent CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited DNA lab

  Brilliant presentation and made fun all the way, so a good present

  Suprisingly good phone and email customer support

  Contacting DNA matches is totally free

Things we found less good:

  The areas and countries it shows ancestry from can be quite general, although still better than most others. It is more exact with mixed ethnicties though.

  Like all the services with this features, the DNA features and contacting DNA matches are included in the price. However if you would like to use their non DNA features such as family tree database and records, need to subscribe to that.

Ancestry and ethnicity information

Ancestry is broken down into 42 geographical areas and this is growing all the time.

We find that people are thrilled when they get this information. People are not the pure ancestry and ethnicity they believed that they would be.

The mix of different countries that a person comes from can be very diverse and mixed.

People may find that they have a large amount of ancestry from countries they never expected and this can answer a lot of questions.

The information is presented in a fun way, with the percentages of each country or area you are from, plus a map displaying this.

DNA Matching

Their DNA matching works well. If you are matched up with anyone else through DNA, you can see this and contacting them is included in the price.

Their DNA database has over 2.7 million people in and is growing very fast. However Ancestry has 5 million people and so more, it is the other factors we prefer a bit more about MyHeritage which has put it slightly higher up the list.

If you have done a DNA test with another one of the main DNA testing companies, it is very easy to upload their data to the MyHeritage site. This means you can use their results to see if they match anyone on the MyHeritage site.

They can also email you periodically if there are any new DNA Matches.

The site has a page called DNA Matches, it shows how much of you DNA is the same and the percentage match. THe page presents a list with the best matches at the top. This is because once you get past third cousins, you will not share much DNA. So for these matches they recommend looking at family tree, surnames and other factors.

Each listing also gives further information showing how you could be related. If you choose to use the family tree part of their site, this gets even more powerful.

Many people have come from these areas and less people have done any DNA tests there. So they have a project called The Founder Population Project, where they have sent free DNA kits to areas in every part of the world such as Uzbekistan, Fiji, Greenland and South Africa.

This means that MyHeritage has rich data that other services do not have. The rich data sets from this project are from more than 100 ethnicities

Visit MyHeritage

Contacting DNA Matches

We like how they do not give out any of your details such as email addresses, matches can message each other through the site. Other people can contact you too in the same way.

They have also looked at issues such as if the person who you are linked with, has chosen to have their DNA uploaded by someone else, so you can contact this person managing their DNA for them.

Also if the person whose DNA you were matched with has died, you can use the family tree part to find other relatives from the first person you were matched with.

Paternity DNA Tests

There are two ways to do this

  1. Buy two kits, one for the father and one for the child
  2. If one of the two people already have their test results on another mainstream DNA testing site. Then only one person has to do the test and the other can upload their details from the other site, to the MyHeritage site.

How to do the test

It is really easy, which is why they have caught on so well They also come with simple and easy instructions.

  1. Register your pack online, or scan it with the free mobile app. It is really quick and easy.
  2. Scrape the inside of your cheek with the swab for 30-60 seconds
  3. Place it in one of the plastic vials and close it
  4. Repeat with your other cheek
  5. Place them in the clear plastic bag, put it in the envelope and post it to MyHeritage
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What happens after you have sent it off:

MyHeritage send you emails at every stage of the process. This is both when your kit is being delivered to you, also when it is going to, through and back from, the testing laboratory.

We recommend allowing 1.5 weeks to receive your kit, but it should be quicker. Once you have sent it back to them it takes 3-4 weeks to get your results

DNA matches with your family

Your DNA results will say if you genetically match up to anyone else in their database and how you are related to them.

For example it can say if you are second cousins on your father’s side. If you have test results from the other mainstream DNA testing companies, they can also be uploaded.

Then with their family tree builder software it can pad out the rest of your tree from their records. They have 8.8 billion historical records and 2.9 billion people in it’s famliy tree database.

Image Description

If needed and if you would like to grow the the family tree further, you can enter other details you know about your family such as names and locations. This gives it more information to get you more results. Please note that this part of the site is an extra subscription.

MyHeritage started in 2003 as a ancestry company that found people’s family trees using their massive archive of data and records.

As a result they are very experienced and have great proven software that builds your family tree. We and the people we have interviewed and surveyed, found it works really well, is easy to use and fun. Also they are improving and advancing all the time, with new features and capabilities.

They added their DNA offering once the technology came good enough to offer.

Visit MyHeritage

Genealogy family records on the site

Once you have a DNA match, it can look for the rest of your family tree from it’s records.

To help expand the tree, you can also enter family names and so on.

In it’s database are registry and government records, census data, photos, newspaper articles and lots of other sources of information.

We are amazed how extensive the information can be, for example records from if a person worked in a goverment job.

Contents of the kit

  • 2 sealed swabs, for collecting the dna from each cheek.
  • 2 vials to put the swabs in.
  • Clear plastic bag to put them in.
  • Envelope to put the plastic bad in the post to their lab.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Code to active the pack on their website or free phone app, before you post it back to them.


This is our first choice for all round dna ancestry.

It shows your ethnicity, where ancient ancestors came from, has a good size DNA database it matches you too people in and links to their great family tree software and records

MyHeritage is our first choice because it has the lowest price, of the dna kits that do all this.

Visit MyHeritage


Living DNA review

Living DNA review


Living DNA is the most technically advanced and detailed test in their price range. This is because, it is the only one that includes as standard:

  • MtDNA (Goes back through woman’s side)
  • YDNA (Goes back through man’s side gene).

As well as AutoSomal DNA. ( the general DNA )

So whereas most DNA services can give general ancestry and ethnicity from how you are now, using DNA that goes back about 10 generations.

Living DNA uses DNA that goes back thousands of years and so the ancstry and ethnicity results are more precise. So they can show how over time, your ancestors moved over continents and countries, this is called a Phylogenetic Tree.

As a result, it is the most accurate for finding out who you are.

Visit Living DNA

Comparing it to other DNA Tests

This is first choice if you are wanting if you are wanting to know even more accurately, your ethnicity and ancestry for $79.

it is also the only one in this price range, that will show their journey throughout history.

If anyone else you are related to is on their 1.1 million people and growing person DNA database, they will also match you up.

Good points

  Only one that does MtDNA and YDNA as standard, for even more accurate information on your ethnicity and ancestry

  Created by over 100 geneticists, so is the best in class for expert results

  Has 80 ancestral areas and countries and the especially the best coverage if you came from the United Kingdom

  Free postage to the lab, others you have to pay that yourself

Things we found less good:

  It just does ancestry DNA to see where you came from originally and your ethnicity. It can also see if you match anyone else in their database. So they do not have a family tree part to fit it into a family tree. However their data can be put into other family services websites.

  As they do MtDNA and YDNA, it is a bit more expensive than some others

  It can take 12 weeks to get your results back from the lab and sometimes a bit more than that!

Motherline and Fatherline Ancestry

As they are the only one doing a MtDNA and YDNA tests as standard, they are the only one that can do this

They give diagrams such as this one, that go all the way back thousands of years, showing how your mother’s and father’s line moved around througout history. We love the map and diagram you get showing this.

Other diagrams show how:

  • Your mother’s and father’s line is connected to others
  • if there are any famous people in your ancestry!
  • Where in the world their ancestry can be found

They give you two sets, one for your mother’s line and one for your fatherr’s

Image Description

Visit Living DNA

How it works

1, Order the testing kit

2, Activate the kit online

3, Take a swab of saliva from each cheek

4, Post the pack to them to analyse. They are the only one that comes with a pre paid envelope

5, View the results online. They can also sell you a nicely presented book with the information in as well

Image Description2

About Living DNA

David Nicholson and Hannah Morden, started their DNA testing service in 2004.

In 2015 their team worked with over 100 geneticists to produce the current product. The team are continually improving and developing it. They also worked with Innsbruck University to develop the most detailed motherline DNA chip based test.

Image Description

In September 2015 they launched the current product and updated their branding to reflect this

They lab they use can process 18 000 samples per week and is set up to increase to 50 000 per week, without needing any increase in infrastructure.

Accreditations and certifications

Image Description

The laboratory has a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certificate. It is an international quality standard that is utilised in clinical trials and clinical testing environments. They have to pass regular external audits to get this

Image Description

The laboratory as an Illumina Service Provider, as their systems, setup and approach industry leading. They also meet Illumina’s core accuracy principles.

Image Description

ISO:27001 for information security. The entire business, all staff working for the business and associated partners have been through extensive information security training and security checking. The company, it’s buildings and the systems all have to have high levels of security.

Image Description

ISO:9001 is for exceptional customer service standards and support. The company’s quality management system and feedback reporting system is part of this.

Image Description

ISO:14001 is for environmental responsibility, through waste reduction and sustainability. For example, paperless communications and clever reagent recycling within the laboratory.


Living DNA has the most advanced DNA testing, because as standard, they do YDNA that goes back thousands of years through your father’ line and MtDna which does the same for your mother’s line. This means they can really see how your ancestors migrated and moved througout history.

Image Description

They also do the AutoSomal that all the others do. This shows what your make up comes from, but not how it evolved throughout time.

Being focused on DNA and not people’s family trees, it can match you up to anyone else in their DNA database. However it does have any family tree records and archives. It is easy though to put your DNA data from them into the other main family tree services.

If you, or who you are buying it for, is wanting to know their countries and areas of origin and ethnicities. Then this is the first choice.

Visit Living DNA


Ancestry DNA review

Ancestry DNA review

Ancestry started in 1983 and is the largest family tree and records company. It has a DNA lab because it is such a good way to find relatives, ancestry and ethnicity.

It has over 5 million people’s DNA, which is twice as much as anyone else. This means it has more people to match you up with.

It is incredibly well done and using the site to find your family tree archives and records, is a beautiful experience.

Visit Ancestry

Things we found good

  Very beautifully and brilliantly done

  The biggest DNA database with 6 million people on, so most likely to find a match

  Fantastic family tree software, with great records and archives on. It even shows things like the actual immigration record documents, from when our ancestors arrived in America.


  Cannot upload data from other DNA services

  If you are a geneologist, you might wish it had a chromosome browser

  My Heritage DNA is a bit cheaper at $, but Ancestry DNA is still great value as it is such a good quality product

  Their Family Tree software is great, but can get a bit expensive

The reasons people choose Ancestry

As well as finding out about your ancestry and ethnicity, it has the largest resources for finding your familly tree.

It uses the great records and archives in their website. The site finds this informaton for you, simply by entering things such as your family name. From there it takes you on a fun hunt and adventure.

They have 70 million family trees and 7 billion individual profiles. They have 17 billion searchable records, 4 billion of these are for outside the United States. They are also adding on average 2 million records per day.

As a result they have 2.3 million subscribers.

Image Description

Visit Ancestry

How to use it

1, Order the kit online and it arrives in a few days

2, Activate your kit online, by entering the details on the pack and your basic details such as name and so on

3, Spit in the bag, until you put enough saliva in there to get to the marker line

4, Send the sample off in the pre paid envelope. The advantage of Ancestry is that it is postage pre paid and not all providers have this.

The results will appear in their website in about 6-8 weeks, they email you when they are ready

What are the results like

We find the results great fun, really entertaining and easy to understand

DNA Match: With 6 million people having done it and more people being added all the time, the chance of a match is high. It goes up to 4th cousins and most people get more than one.
We love how it gives lots of information about the possible link, so you really are informed. It says how you could be related, such as being 3rd cousins. How likely the match is to be true, such as ‘High confidence’. Also full information about the possible relationship and what it could mean. It also explains things really well.

You can then also choose to see other people that are linked to them, using their family tree builder, records and archives.

Image Description

Ethnicity map: There is a great map showing the areas in the world that your ethnicity comes from. The colours on the map make it easy to understand. There is also a pie chart with the same colors, showing them by percentages.

If your DNA came from some countries such as the UK, Ireland or Germany, then there are also details from inside those countries.

Deep ancestry migration: This shows your migration paths going back over 50 000 years

Image Description

Neanderthal DNA: This is always fun, it shows the percentage of your DNA that is Neanderthal. This is the species of human that was around 120 000 to 35 000 years ago.

Relative matching: Shows if you match up to anyone else on their DNA database, more about this is below.

All this links to their family tree software, records and archives.

We loved how it is easy to print, great and really well designed posters and history books, from all the information. These are really special to make, share and show off.

Visit Ancestry


DNA Testing

Item Price
Basic kit $69
Standard Shipping $9.95 for one, £4.95 for each extra kit
Express shipping $24.95 for one, $12.95 for each extra kit

Service is available globally, but shipping prices may vary.

Geneology, family tree building

Item Access Monthly 6 Monthly
US Discovery US Records $19.99 $99
World Explorer US &amp’ International Records $34 $149
All access Ancestry, &amp’ $44.99 $199


Ancestry is beautifully done, fun and very entertaining.

If you are wanting to do a family tree using your DNA and are living in the USA, it has more family records than anyone else.

If you would like to look at records outside the US, then MyHeritage has just as many records there. The big thing about MyHeritage is that it is cheaper.

Image Description

Living DNA has more ethnicity data and ancient ancestry data, but is more expensive and cannot do family trees.

Ancestry DNA is great for a present and packaged really nicely.

They do a great product and we really like them

Visit Ancestry

Home DNA review

Home DNA review

Home DNA have a number of products, their ancestry product is called GPS Origins.

People choose it as it is the most precise about where your ancstors came from and their travelling routes through history.

They call it GPS Origins, because just like how a GPS device can show the route a car has travelled. A person’s dna shows the geographical routes a person’s ancestors travelled.

Home DNA’s product can normally show which part a country a person’s ancestors traveled through, sometimes even down the level of a town or village. This is far mroe accurate than most other services that can do countries and in some places parts of countries

Their tracing of your ancestors will be far more precise, but like often, a higher quality product costs more. In this case $149.

Visit Home DNA

First it shows the basics

Then you can click may other things to get into the details

Travel route of your ancestors through history

Your full ethnicity list

There is loads of other information and stories. For example you can click on each area, to read the stories of your ancient ancestors.

It is a remarkably detailed product done by advanced scientists.

We find it good for:

  Showing the countries your DNA comes from.

  It can show the ancient journey through out the world that your ancestors did over time. It can do this it does YDNA and MtDNA tests in the standard package.

  This DNA kit is the most accurate for locations, often showing parts of countries and not just the whole country

  If you have any African or Asian heritage, Home DNA is defintely the first choice. They have specific DNA kits that give extra data fo those areas. Some other DNA kits are more focused on European heritage.

  We love the maps show the areas in easy to see colors and you can click into things to do in deeper.

  They claim your results come back in 4-6 weeks, but some people have reported it coming back in under half of that.

Things we found less good:

  It has a higher price compared to others, of $149

  It is for looking at the last 50 to 60 000 years, not for finding your recent ancestors directly on a family tree.

  It does not match you you up with other relatives in their DNA database.

  The DNA collection kit is more scientific and clinical. This makes it look a bit basic and so other kits on our list look better as a present.

Visit Home DNA

The test kit

Home DNA are very good scientists and they are more concerned with this, than the presentation.

It shows as in the test kit is more scientific, less artistic and creative.

The swabs you use to take a DNA sample from inside your mouth, are just put in their envelope. There are none of the plastic containers to put them in, like with other kits

We did like the convenience that there is no need to register the kit online, it comes with a barcode to match it up with your online order details.

One thing to watch out for! It says to stick down the envelope with stick tape and not lick it shut. However the sealing gum on the envelope is the licking kind. So we used our own sticky tape

Image Description

Other details

The customer service support is quite good and answers questions within a day.

Included is a file with which you can upload their data to other DNA services.

You can upload DNA information from other services to get the results from their system, for this they charge $39.

About Home DNA

Home DNA is a brand of DNA Diagnostics Center of Fairfield, Ohio. They are a DNA lab that does lots of different types of genetic testing as well as ancestry. They also do paternity, health and pet breed analysis.

This is compared to many companies that come from a family tree tracing background. This review is of their ancestry product called DNA Origins.

Their ancestry product is based on the work of Dr. Eran Elhaik and a team at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. It analyses 800,000 genetic markers, coming from 862 reference populations.

They are regularly updating and improving their presentation. We are looking forward to seeing how they develop.


If you are wanting to know where your ancestors came from and their route throughout history, then this is the most precise test.

This is especially if you have heritage from Africa or Asia, which they have specialist products for.

For United Kingdom heritage, we found Living DNA to be just as precise though.

As it is a DNA firm and not a family tree firm, it does not do that stuff. It also does not match you up to other people in their DNA database. However they give you your DNA data, for uploading onto the main family tree websites.

It’s $149 price is price than others, but then this one is more accurate.

If it is for a gift, the kit packaging is a bit basic compared to others, that look really great

If you are happy to pay for it and want the advantages of the greater accuracy, it is a great product.

Visit Home DNA


Vitagene review

Vitagene review

As well as telling you where your ancestors came from. Vitagene gives you personalized health advice and assistance based on your genes.

Everybody is different. So over the counter solutions which give everyone the same diet,fitness and other such programs, do not work as well, as a personalized service like this one.

For example, people have different genetic makeups, weight, build, behaviours and so on. By analysing a person’s genes and other health information, they can tell you your personal dietary, exercise, skin care and other such things that will work for you.

We like how they do this in a practical way, so you can really do things with the advice. It also includes a personal consultation on the phone with one of their people


It is the high level of people and university institutions involved with Vitagene, that caught our interest

The list includes:

  • Doug Brutlag, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus Stanford University
  • Laurel Crosby, Ph.D. Researcher Stanford GTC
  • Katherine Sutherland, M.D.Medical Director Genomics El Camino Hospital
  • Bijan Daryabari, M.D. Orthopedics
  • Marc Zare, M.D. Bariatrics (obesity)
  • Plus many other medical people

We are fascinated how dna is not part of almost all parts of mediciene, as it effects all parts of our bodies. So their advisors come from so many different medical areas.

The report with the results from your test, will help you with:

Image Description

The foods and diets, that are best for your genetics and lifestyle.

For example your dna can affect your risk of weight gain, gluten sensivity, alcohol metabolism, cholestoral levels, emotional eating, cholesterol, amongst many other factors.

Image Description

A detailed fitness plan, that is designed around what will work best for you

For example your dna can effect your muscle strength, power vs endurance, muscle cramps, blood pressure response, how you are during exercise and so on.

Image Description

Your genetic predisposition to skin conditions, so you can do the things that work best for you.

Image Description

The types and amounts of vitamins and minerals that are right for your body. There are also supplement recommendations.

THis is because ifferent people process nutrients and minerals differently.

How to do it

1, Order the kit which arrives in 3-5 days

2, Use the swabs to collect the dna from your cheeks. Then return them to Vitagene

3, Fill in a short questionnaire which asks about your goals, lifestyle, and family history

4, Receive your results in 6 weeks. These are reports and suggestions.

5, They offer you a free phone call with a personal coach to go over things for you. They discuss your diet, goals in relation to your DNA results. You can also have have more future sessions if you like.

Image Description

It works out well and shows useful things

We found that it is a process that gets it’s results from the questionnaire as well as your dna results.

Some things were influenced more by the dna results. Others more the questionnaire results.

For example, the skin recommendations were more dna related.

People who have not done fitness and diet advice before, learn a lot. Some of it is general sensible stuff, but would be new to people who have not already had personal recommendations, or studied diet and fitness things in depth before.

There were some people who have already studied a lot about their diet and fitness, that got back some really useful things that they would not have known otherwise. Some got things back that they already knew. Maybe they already had studied and researched so much, there was not much more to be learned and so no new suprises came up.

We found that for people who would like to do diet and fitness stuff, this is a very good option. People already doing this stuff have less to benefit, but it is still a good thing to do. It can still tell them things new things they do not already know.

A very nicely done package that is a good idea to do. We especially found that even with the things already knew, it was great for making sure that we actually did and kept with it, as in reality that is normally what makes people achieve their goals.

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